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    Ōno Dōken Sai Harutane
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History and architecture

The Main Hall.

 Unfortunately, all the documents dated before the Edo period were lost in fire, so we have little information on the actual architectural concepts of the original Gatsuzōji buildings. However, according to the registers mentioned above, about one hundred years after the disaster following the Summer Campaign of the Siege of Osaka, in 1712, the Main Hall was rebuilt, then restored again in 1776 and 1781. Entering the modern period, in 1931 the altar fittings were renewed, and in 1994 further extensive restoration work took place, in order to commemorate 500 years since the foundation of the temple. The Report on Historical Buildings in Sakai specifies that the kōryō-shaped beam (which connects the four round pillars surrounding the main pillar of the hall with the pillars standing on each side of the wall behind the main icon of the altar, called kashiranuki or gawabashira), is the original one used when the temple was established and re-used during each reconstruction.