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    Ōno Dōken Sai Harutane
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History and architecture

The main objects of worship.

 In the Main Hall there is a central shumidan (a dais for Buddhist images) containing a carved mandala. In front of it there is a pagoda inscribed with the sacred daimoku (a mantra chanted as the central practice of Nichiren Buddhism) together with two Buddhas, Shakyamuni Nyōrai and Tahō Nyōrai, then the four Bodhisattvas, Jōgyō, Muhengyō, Jōgyō and Anryūgyō. Thus the altar belongs to the ittōryōsonshishi (one pagoda, two buddhas and four bodhisattvas) type. In 1728, at the ceremony for consecrating Nichiren's statue (the "eye-opening" ceremony), two Bodhisattvas, Monju, who represents wisdom, riding a lion and Fugen, who represents compassion, riding the White Elephant with Six Tusks were placed on the right and left sides of the statue. The Four Heavenly Kings who guard the cardinal points, Jikokuten, Kōmokuten, Zōchōten and Bishamonten, as well as Fudōmyōō and Aizenmyōō are also represented and worshipped in the Main Hall.