1. The Pagoda Dedicated to
    Ōno Dōken Sai Harutane
  2. The Genna Town Planning and Kazama Rokuemon
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History and architecture

Koyasu Kishimojin and Maya Fujin.

Also inside the Main Hall, on the left side, there is a statue of the goddess Kishimojin, installed here in 1762 together with an image of the goddess Jūrasetsunyo. On the pedestal of Kishimojin's statue there is an inscription with the date May 27, 1622, which suggests that the statue may have been actually become an object of worship right after the "Genna Town Planning".


 In the miniature shrine on the right side there is an image of Maya Fujin, Buddha Shakyamuni's mother, worshipped from ancient times as a deity who watches over childbirth and children in general.