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History and architecture

Nitchō and the Founder of Gatsuzōji.

 朝尊師Inside the Main Hall, on the right side wall, there is a painting of Nitchō, while on the left side there is a miniature shrine for the same Nitchō (1422-1500), an important theologian of the Muromachi Period. Nitchō, the 21st head priest of the Minobusan Kuonji Temple, was an accomplished scholar who had brought new strength to the line of Nichiren priests. He devoted himself to the reading and interpretation of the Lotus Sutra, and a significant incident is recorded in relation to his academic activities. Apparently, late in life Nitchō was afflicted by an eye disease, which was cured by his reading the Lotus Sutra. This led to the belief (from the Edo Period on) that the Sutra had miraculous powers when it came healing eye diseases and improving learning abilities, so many people made pilgrimages to Gatsuzōji to benefit from those healing powers. 開山Between these two sacred images there stands the statue of Nichiryō, the founder of Gatsuzōji, which was erected in September 1749, at the anniversary of 200 years since his demise. The Founder passed away on November 13, 1561, and in 2010 we commemorated the 450th anniversary of his death.