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History and architecture

The Reception Hall and the Living Quarters

The precincts of the Gatsuzōji Temple were finally completed in 1754, almost 310 years after the Genna Town Planning, with the reconstruction of the Reception Hall and living quarters. Approximately 150 years later, in 1909, further restoration work was performed. In 1931, the renovation and addition of new structures to the Reception Hall and living quarters were finished in order to commemorate 650 years since the death of the Founder, Nichiren. In 1994, to celebrate 500 years since the foundation of the temple, the Main Hall was renovated, while the Reception Hall and the living quarters were re-designed to their current shape. The Reception Hall is now fitted with all the modern facilities, yet the quaint atmosphere it was imbued with in 1931 still lingers there, providing a tranquil spot for our parishioners who attend the annual events at Gatsuzōji, or who come here for memorial services. In the far left corner of the garden, by the stone lantern, there remain some ridge-end tiles which used to adorn the Reception Hall and the living quarters from the Edo period until the Meiji era. According to records from the Genroku era, the Reception Hall was a structure of about 155 square meters, quite impressive considering the times when it was erected. The tiles that dot the temple garden adorned the roof of the Main Hall, Reception Hall and living quarters in the beginning of the Showa era.