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    Ōno Dōken Sai Harutane
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The Bronze Statue of Nichiren the Founder.

 On the background created by the camphor tree, standing on the right side of the Main Hall there is a bronze statue of Nichiren. The statue represents Nichiren as he used to pray for the safety of the country (those prayers are now collected in the document entitled "Risshō Ankoku") and preach on the streets of Kamakura in order to spread the teachings of the Lotus Sutra, the one which contains the true meaning of Buddha's words. In this posture, Nichiren is said to be watching over and protecting us. The statue and the miniature hill on which the cycad tree rises were donated by the Araki Family in 1931, on the occasion of the 650th commemoration of Nichiren's death. At that time, the temple garden was rather bare, so this elegant rock arrangement conferred it a certain dignity. Later, even as trees were planted and starting shedding their shade in the garden of Gatsuzōji, this rock arrangement continues to make a deep impression on visitors.