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Uga Tokushō Ryūjin (The Dragon God)

Within the temple precincts there used to be a shrine dedicated to the Thirty Tutelary Deities (Sanjū Banjin—thirty tutelary kami that alternate each day of the month to protect the Lotus Sutra and the Japanese nation) and Inari Myōjin (the God of Harvests), but as it grew dilapidated with age, the sacred images were moved to the Myōken Hall in 1925. Nowadays, in the southern corner of the garden, protected by an impressive gingko tree, there is an altar dedicated to Uga Tokushō Ryūjin, where many people come to pray for protection against misfortune, good luck, safe births and the safety of their children. Uga Tokushō Ryūjin, who appears in the Legend of the Great Cycad from Myōkokuji, probably started being worshipped at Gatsuzōji when our temple became a branch of Myōkokuji and an altar related to Tokushōdō from Myōkokuji was erected here. (More information about Uga Tokushō Ryūjin can be found in my History of the Myōkokuji Temple.)