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    Ōno Dōken Sai Harutane
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The garden and the pond 

It is believed that the garden behind the Reception Hall has been there since the Edo period, but, in the absence of written records, its particulars remain unknown. However, we do know that there was a round-shaped pond in the middle of the garden before the 1931 restoration. In 1931, during the restoration works, the pond was given its current comma shape (called tomoe in Japanese), modeling the tomoe-shaped garden from the Honpōji Temple in Kyoto. The most recent renovation works were completed in 1994 with the planting of flowers and trees, the garden acquiring the elegant aspect that can be admired today. Six stone lanterns of various shapes are scattered around the garden. The Oribe lantern under the maple tree in front, with its umbrella, square light compartment and rounded pillar support buried directly into the ground is of the so-called "Christian lantern" type. The temple garden, with its scenery changing every season, where camellias, sassanqua, the red ume tree, the Japanese cornel, the peach tree, azaleas, rhododendrons, and Japanese silverleaf bloom in turns, with its maple trees that are vivid green spring and fiery red in autumn, with the carps swimming in the pond and the soothing sound of water, offers a tranquil and refined sight to our visitors.